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Urban furniture
1950 x 505 x 500
Price € 273.77
DUS_13_A - Universal Workshop Cabinet (505 mm) w/ 4 shelves
1950 x 505 x 500
Price € 309.81
DUS_13_B - Universal Workshop Cabinet (505 mm) w/ DVB perforation, 2 shelves
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Category overview
Cloakroom equipment

This furniture line of wardrobe equipment is primarily intended for schools, sports facilities, industrial plants, shops, medical facilities, but also for security and rescue services.

Wardrobes are designed in such a way to allow maximum use of interior space for storing clothes and other things, as well as an easy and safe use.

Welded construction minimizes demands on the assembly and provides high rigidity and durability. Powder coating predetermines lockers durability, easy cleaning and maintenance.

In the assortment of wardrobe facilities, we offer many types and alternatives of wardrobes, cloakroom benches and accessories.

Workshop furniture

KOVOS workshop furniture is primarily intended for industrial, service and testing facilities and testing laboratories, as well as for schools and training centres.

Our workshop furniture is characterized by it's massive construction, which ensures high strength, durability and resilience in the most demanding situations. All of our workshop furniture is upgradable with either extra crossbars for worktables, additional shelves, drawers or perforated panels for tool holders.

The whole series is designed and manufactured for extra long-life heavyduty use thanks to our commitment to quality design, welding and a durable powder coating finish.

We also specialize in specialty designes for specific installations, so if you require anything that we don't have in our catalogue, please contact us and we will be more than happy to design anything you may require for your application.

Office furniture

KOVOS office furniture is primarily used for the storage of documents, folders, archives, maps and diverse media, this section also includes products used for the storage of pharmaceutical drugs and medicines for pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, hospices, as well as office wardrobes for storing clothes.

Our office series is designed and manufactured to meet our customers high demands of design, ergonomics, durability, as well as safety and ease of use.

All of our products are powder coated for extra long life. Some products include highly durable HPL laminate doors or drawers of various colors and types of wood. Doors and drawers of all our standard products can be upgraded to HPL, glass or shutters.

Works and accessories

This furniture line for works and accessories is used particularly in the area of manufacturing plants, laboratories, public sector and wherever one pays attention to the environment, health and safety.

There are products for storage of various media, products for the exchange of clothing. First aid kits and cupboards for drugs and medical items, cupboard for computers and process terminals, baskets for a variety of wastes, key boxes and wallprogram.

All products in the category are well designed and functional, are of quality processing and a long life.